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Example positions

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Hospital Medicine

You will spend time on the wards shadowing a junior doctor observing the day to day activities of life as a junior doctor. You will also spend time in an outpatient clinic observing the management of patients.

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Hotel hospitality

This placement will introduce you to the various roles within the hospitality industry from customer management to housekeeping, catering to concierge. This will give you a rounded overview of the opportunities within hotel hospitality.

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Gym instructor

The role of gym instructor is interesting and varied. You will be given the chance to spend time with our gym instructors observing them in a day to day capacity to whet your appetite for a career as a gym instructor.

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Ever wondered if you could keep pace with the challenging market of stocks and shares? This placement will give you the opportunity to shadow a stockbroker finding out the ins and outs of assessing company valuations and decision-making about when to buy, sell or hold.

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Teaching assistant

You will be attached to a primary school to experience the valuable role teaching assistants have. The placement will allow you to interact with teachers, teaching assistants and pupils.

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Web designer

The role of web designing has many aspects to it. This will give you the opportunity to taste the various aspects of web design. You will be able to apply your hand to get a feel of the requirements spending time in an interactive environment.

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